Photographer, Jeff Carpenter, teaches a 1-on-1 lighting workshop using Paul C. Buff, Inc. equipment.

1-on-1 Lighting Workshop

Photographer, Jay Hamlin of Yourstory Photography, recently traveled to Franklin, TN to take a 1-on-1 Lighting Workshop taught by BUFF Ambassador, Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media.

Hamlin already experience using both the Einstein and AlienBees flash units and the CyberSync remote system.

“I wanted to improve on my lighting skills and to get a better grasp on directing models, and mostly, my non-model clients, in posing,” said Hamlin.

“My expectations were pretty loose, as I was looking to absorb as much as I could.”

Carpenter covered an overview of the Inverse Square Law and provided a visual demonstration with lights to really add emphasis.

“We worked on lighting setups that further drove home that point to me, and helped my progress in shaping light and focusing what to look for as the light strikes the model.”

Behind the scenes photo from Jeff Carpenter of Jay Hamlin photographing Cheryl Brehm.
Behind-the-scenes photo courtesy of Jeff Carpenter

Carpenter demonstrated 5 different lighting setups, with some variations, that provided a range of variations that Hamlin’s commercial clients may need. These setups included: Corporate head shots, dramatic lighting, sports, fitness, and editorial.

“Jeff’s approach to lighting is very much in line with how I typically approach lighting a scene, so I didn’t get lost in the details of his explanations since my workflow is similar ,” states Hamlin. “I found that the equipment was super easy to use and very intuitive. And the workshop gave me tips on how to get more out of my Buff Einsteins!”

“The sport mode will help me overcome some of the flash duration issues when capturing movement in my athlete clients.  I was also able to gain a greater grasp of using filters, and how to position them to get the best results.”

“Jeff’s approach is very client centered, he was super personable and a great host.  He tailored the workshop to fit my needs as a photographer and was very flexible to let the workshop unfold without a set agenda.  He let my needs guide the course of the day.  He pointed out things in images that helped me to refine my own shooting to make a better, more compelling image,” said Hamlin. “It’s those small extra details that can make your work stand out. And those extra little nuggets that I was able to pick up working one-on-one that would get lost in a large group workshop.  I was able to get tons of hands-on time with the model and was able to come home with many tremendous images to add to my portfolio.”


MODEL: Cheryl Brehm


About Jay Hamlin
Jasper, Indiana based portrait and fine art photographer, Jay Hamlin.
Jay Hamlin is a portrait and fine art photographer based in Jasper, IN.

FOLLOW JAY HAMLIN: Instagram | Website | Facebook

About Jeff Carpenter

Nashville, TN based portrait and workshop photographer, Jeff Carpenter.
Jeff Carpenter is a portrait and commercial photographer based out of Nashville, TN. He is also an original ‘BUFF Ambassador.’

Contact Jeff to learn more about his 1-on-1 workshops!

FOLLOW JEFF CARPENTER: Instagram | YouTube | Website

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