Musician Leila Block photographed by Jenna Przybylowski in San Fransisco


Jenna Przybylowski is a portrait and nature photographer,  based in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Przybylowski recently photographed musician, Leila Block, and shares her ‘Story Behind the Shot’ on mixing bright natural light with strobes!


ISO: 200 | SS: 1/125 SEC. | APERTURE: F/11 | FOCAL LENGTH: 29MM

Musician, Leila Block, was looking for some new images and we knew wanted to take things outside the studio. It was a sunny day, and much brighter than any of us (including the weather report) had anticipated. Bright sun and clear skies can result in harsh, unflattering shadows. To combat this, I set up my AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit with a 7” standard reflector. The setup was directed towards the model, opposite the direction of the sun. This filled the areas that would otherwise be dark with shadow, and ensured that both the model and the bright environment were exposed appropriately, instead of competing with each other. I love mixing natural light with studio strobes because it allows me to have control over the final image while being able to incorporate nature like this beautiful beach at Fort Funston in San Francisco, California.

Behind-the-scenes images by: Sarah Ranney

AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit7″ Standard ReflectorVagabond™ Lithium ExtremeCyberSync™ Trigger TransmitterCyberSync™ AC Powered Receiver10′ Air-Cushioned Light Stand

About Jenna Przybylowski
Photographer Jenna Przybylowski

Jenna is a portrait and nature photographer
based in the San Francisco Bay area.


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