Stopping Motion with Action Mode on Celestials

Welcome back to another installment of “How I Got The Shot!”

In this episode, Ryan Sims shows us how the Celestials perform in action mode to stop motion by throwing color powder on model Madelynne Myers!

Ryan used three Celestials in total. For the rim lights, he used 2 14″ x 60″ Foldable Stripboxes and for the key light he used a 35″ Octabox.

Throughout this photoshoot, this setup was only altered by changing Color Gel Domes.

With the help of Kyle Fitzpatrick throwing handfuls, the powder was caught in motion to create these colorful and fun portraits.

To see a super fun and silly montage, along with the absolute mess we created, watch the full video at our YouTube Channel – and don’t forget to subscribe for more content!

To learn more about the Celestial, check out our FAQ Video or website.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team – and if you recreate this set-up, be sure to tag us on Instagram at @paulcbuffinc.

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