Children’s Commercial Photography

In this episode of How I Got The Shot, Kyle (@throwing__fitz) and child model Journie (@journiemusellc) show us a colorful and clean lighting setup for commercial photography!

Kyle wanted to keep a consistent lighting setup with minimal modifications throughout the shoot to make the images feel cohesive and uniform.

As children move around a lot, Kyle opted to use an 86” Soft Silver PLM Umbrella on a Link Unit as the key light to ensure broad and even lighting no matter where Journie posed.

He placed a V-Flat to the side for a bit of fill, and lit Journie with two 10″ x 36″ Stripboxes with Links on either side near the backdrop.

For an extra pop on the backdrop, Kyle originally used the Eclipse Optical Snoot, but switched to a 7″ Reflector so there weren’t concerns about Journie making harsh shadows.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team – and if you recreate any of these set-ups, be sure
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