Jeff Carpenter, of Readylight Media, photographs Hunter Hethcoat during the May 2019 'Next Level Lighting' Workshop

Next Level Lighting Workshop Re-Cap

Jeff Carpenter speaking to his May 2019 Next Level Lighting Workshop attendees

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, BUFF Ambassador Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media, taught his second workshop in his NEXT LEVEL series to attendees at Westlight Studios in Franklin, TN. Carpenter’s “Next Level Lighting” workshop was geared to photographers of all skill levels. Focusing on various lighting techniques, and thinking outside the softbox, the two-day course covered everything from single light setups, getting creative with gels, business and marketing concepts, and photo retouching.

Taking things to the next level technologically, Carpenter released a virtual reality tutorial showing how he created the shot of Hunter Hethcoat below.

Hunter Hethcoat photographed by Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media

You can view the full tutorial, with or without VR, here.

Allee-Sutton Hethcoat shares posing tips with the Next Level Lighting Workshop attendees

Adding a new element to the workshop, Carpenter enlisted Miss TN USA 2017, Allee-Sutton Hethcoat, to share posing tips and insights on working with models.


Workshop attendees include (in no particular order):
Antwoine McClellan, Christina Cooper, Julia Andreasen, Eric Pugh, Rebecca Sasnett, and Ernie Passwaters

Carpenter will continue his NEXT LEVEL workshop series throughout 2019 with dates and locations to be announced soon. Be sure to sign-up for his mailing list over on Outside the Softbox to be notified of upcoming events.

MODELS – Allee-Sutton Hethcoat | Hunter Hethcoat
ASSISTANTS – Bradley Milstone | Nick Foster | Devin
BUSINESS MANAGER: Shelby Garriga Carpenter

Paul C. Buff, Inc.
Savage Universal
V-Flat World
Sigma Photo
Lens Rentals
Westlight Studios

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