Singer/Songwriter, Jess Jocoy, photographed by Luis Gonzalez of Neon Leaf Media

BUFF ON SET: Luis Gonzalez and Jess Jocoy

Photographer, Luis Gonzalez of Neon Leaf Media, was tasked with creating promotional images and an acoustic video for his client, singer/songwriter Jess Jocoy. He utilized the versatility of the DigiBee to create images and a video in the same space!

Being able to offer multiple services to my clients has really helped me set myself apart from my competition. Having equipment that is affordable, portable, and versatile, allows for me to focus on the creative side of getting my musician clients what they need, instead of spending so much time worrying and fussing over bringing an over abundance of equipment to set. The DigiBee is exactly what I needed! In an industry where time is money, I’m able to quickly change up my scene and, for this particular client, shoot both the photography for musician Jess Jocoy and an acoustic music video promoting her new single off her album that will be released later this year.


When choosing equipment, I tend to look for products that are portable, versatile, and easy to use. The DigiBee is just that! My background is in street photography, so I look to incorporate my subjects in unique settings that may not be the easiest to get equipment in and out. For this shoot, we were fortunate to be in a large warehouse that added some grit to contrast Jess’ music. I used two stipboxes, with color gels on each, to really set the mood and get the light to fall exactly where I wanted. I instructed Jess to move freely within a certain space so that the images were organic and not stiff and posed. The light from the DigiBee gave me the power range and consistency that I needed to create photos that complimented the video.


The 400w equivalent daylight balanced LED modeling light of the DigiBee gave me a perfect amount of power to create just the right mood I wanted to Jess’ video! I doubled up on the gels to get a richer, more saturated, look but being able to keep my lighting setup the same and only turning off the flash allowed for us not to miss a beat! Jess was able to easily stay in the singer/songwriter zone and remain focused since there were no distractions on swapping out gear.


DigiBee Flash Unit
Foldable Stripbox
Color Gels

MUSICIAN: Jess Jocoy
ASSISTANT: Denny Hechevarria


Using gels in my work is something I’ve been doing for quite awhile now. Not only does it add drama and dimension to the scene, I’m also able to work with colors that fit the musician’s vibe and their brand. It creates a consistent story across the images, even if there are outfit or location changes.

About Luis Gonzalez

Nashville-based photographer, Luis Gonzalez, specializes in creating photo and video content for musicians.

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