Caroline Krystoff and Lia Goodman photographed by Tatan Zuleta


Miami-based beauty and fashion photographer, Tatan Zuleta, is not only a BUFF Ambassador, he’s also a featured photographer for Vogue Italia. Zuleta shares his set-up and inspiration from a recent beauty shoot.

Caroline Krystoff and Lia Goodman photographed by Tatan Zuleta

We really wanted to create a very soft and eye-catching portrait. When we set up the photo shoot, we were initially only going to shoot with one model but she had to cancel. After the previous model had cancelled, we ended up with two models! We did individual shoots with each of them, but we also wanted to get something with them together since they have very different looks. We thought it would be a great idea to place them stacked ear to ear as shown in the picture above. Although this type of image has been done previously in many different ways, we wanted to create our own version. To do so, we used soft light, to provide contrast between them and the caps they where wearing, along with background and foreground too!

My equipment consisted of an Einstein flash unit, placed behind me, with a 60″ Foldable Octabox that had both the inner baffle and outer diffusion fabric added. I raised it a little higher up to work with the feathering of the light. I used the black side of two V-Flat World v-flats and placed one on each side of the models.  

MODELS: Caroline Krystoff, Lia Goodman | MUA: Jan Tinkley

Tatan Zuleta shares how to change the background color of an image using CaptureOne!

About Tatan Zuleta

Miami, FL based beauty and fashion photographer Tatan Zuleta

Tatan Zuleta is a Fashion and Portrait photographer based in Miami. Born in Cali (Colombia), he started his carrer as a photographer late in adulthood at the age of 27 in 2010.

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