Bridal portrait by Illinois based photographer, Ben Romang


Portrait, wedding, and commercial photographer, Ben Romang, shares his process and story behind the shot for this gorgeous bridal portrait.

Bridal portrait by Illinois based photographer, Ben Romang
ISO: 500 | SS: 1/80 sec. | Aperture: f/1.8 | Focal Length: 85mm

This image was taken at The First Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois. Finding natural light in churches can be tough, so we often use our Paul C. Buff, Inc. Einstein flash units to take lighting into our own hands. For this evening wedding, we wanted to create a natural looking light that could cancel out the less flattering overhead ambient light. To achieve this, we used one Einstein powered by the Vagabond Mini battery pack, and positioned it camera left, in the middle of the church pews. We attached a silver reflector and and angled the light away from the bride to bounce the light off the church walls and cast a soft light on our subject. After exposing the light in the room behind her, I used my Cyber Commander to adjust the light, to better expose the bride. For weddings, we are constantly on the move, having to travel light and be able to setup and break down quickly. Paul C. Buff, Inc. Einsteins give us the flexibility and power to create stunning images on a whim.


When using a strobe to bounce light, it’s important to remember that the angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection. So, when the light bounces off an object, it will bounce off the equivalent angle. This helps determine where to position your flash unit and what angle is needed to properly light the subject.

About Ben Romang

Illinois based photographer, Ben Romang

Ben Romang is based in Springfield, Illinois and specializes in portrait, wedding, and commercial photography.

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2 thoughts on “STORY BEHIND THE SHOT: Ben Romang

  1. Wow! Gorgeous bride beautifully captured. Her grandchildren will thank you!
    Enjoyed the details. Proves perfect doesn’t just happen!


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