Moxie Thatcher photographed by Eden Lauren


Portrait and Fashion Photographer, Eden Lauren, shares her story behind the shot and how she captured these moody images with the DigiBee on a late night outdoor shoot.

Moxie Thatcher photographed by Eden Lauren
ISO: 200 | SS: 1/160 sec. | Aperture: f/8 | Focal Length: 45mm

I knew for my shoot with Moxie I wanted to take things outside the studio. Collaborating with the stylist and the hair/makeup artist, we decided on a moody Miami type vibe with saturated colors and a high fashion feel. For this shot, I used three DigiBee flash units. Each flash was modified with a 7” standard reflector and colored gel. I really liked the look of the combination of the magenta and teal gels together!

It was quite cold that evening and we had to work fast! I placed my model within some foliage in the park. Two of the lights were placed on stands to the models left, and a third was held by an assistant so that I could get the exact position I wanted while also allowing for its placement to be adjusted quickly.

With the shoot being outdoors, I knew having reliable AC power was not going to be an option. Enter the Vagabond Mini! Being able to power each of my strobes AND run the super bright LED modeling light of the DigiBee made the shoot run so smoothly. We were able to get the shots we needed, and more, thanks to the spped, accuracy, and versatility, of not only my team…but my equipment!


MODEL: Moxie Thatcher
HMUA: Etiosa Osayamen
STYLIST: Bryan Wilcox
ASSISTANTS: Joshijah Spence, Samantha Gordon, Savannah Lingle

DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit
CyberSync™ Transceiver
CyberSync™ Transmitter
Vagabond Mini™ Lithium
7” Standard Reflector
Color Gels (set of 20)
10’ Air-Cushioned Light Stand


About Eden Lauren

Portrait and Fashion Photographer, Eden Lauren

Eden Lauren is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Nashville, TN.

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