Photograph of David Miller by Editorial and Portrait Photographer, William Staudt


Photographer, William Staudt, shares his story behind the shot from this men’s fashion series featuring model, David Miller.

Photograph of David Miller by Editorial and Portrait Photographer, William Staudt
ISO: 250 | SS: 1/100 sec. | Aperture: f/9 | Focal Length: 32mm

When I’m not commissioned for work, I like to keep my mind creative with personal jobs. Like most photographers, my favorite shoots are when I can photograph a subject and not have major time constraints. Collaborating with a great team consisting of a stylist and a hair/makeup artist, we were able to take time and find a concept that displayed the clothing and model in the best way possible.

Behind-the-scenes from editorial and portrait photographer, William Staudt

I knew with this shot of David, I wanted accurate color and enough power to combat 2-650-watt continuous light behind him. I went with two strobes, both being AlienBees B800 flash units. One unit with a 60” Foldable Octabox directly above the subject for a consistent hair and fill light with the other unit mounted with a 35” Foldable Octabox directly under the 60” Foldable Octabox at a 45-degree angle just right of the subject for a key. I went with this light setup because the consistency from the B800s, and their placement, gave me an even spread of light to show details with black on black clothing. With the right light power and versatility, I was able to achieve a solid image that showcases exactly what I needed it to.

AlienBees™ B800 Flash Unit
60” Foldable Octabox
35” Foldable Octabox

MODEL: David Miller
AGENCIES: Kim Dawson, Heffner, Maximum, Locke, Nymm
STYLIST: Courtney Walker
HMUA: Cheryll Smith
ASSISTANT: Krystel Pitts



Light with intent, not just to show. It’s easy to put lights around a subject to make them visible, but adding a form of intent to show a certain story or mood can make a difference. Be deliberate in making sure every light you use has a certain purpose: what is the light illuminating, how is the light hitting it and why. Sometimes time isn’t on your side, so slowing down, doing the prep work before, and taking time with each light, delegating it a certain job can make a positive impact on the overall mood and concept.

About William Staudt

Editorial and Portrait Photographer, William Staudt

Specializing in editorial and portrait photography, my passion for my medium is founded on my desire to work with people and technology. In my eight years as a photographer, I have worked with various modeling agencies in Oklahoma, Texas and Washington.

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