Ela Carcillo photographed by Chicago based photographer, Amy Aiello.


Chicago based Emmy Award® – winning photographer, Amy Aiello,  shares her process behind one of her most memorable editorial inspired wedding shoots.

“Ela knew she wanted a unique photography experience on her wedding day,” states Aiello. “Together with planner, Big City Bride, we created a sort of vignette using the furniture and accessories from the reception. My lighting assistant arrived on scene to set up my White LightningTM lights and Paul C. Buff, Inc. modifiers while I photographed Ela getting ready for the day. Once Ela and I arrived on location, we had a limited time to capture her in her beautiful Berta gown. The goal was to create a fashion editorial feel to Ela’s bridal portraits, while still maintaining a natural look to the photographs.”

Ela Bulawa Daniel Carcillo wedding millennium park chicago wedding Amy Aiello photogrpaher
ISO: 250 | SS: 1/200 sec. | Aperture: f/5.6 | Focal Length: 85mm

BRIDE: Ela Carcillo

White LightningTM X-Series | VagabondTM Lithium Extreme | 13′ Heavy Duty Combination Boom Stand | 47″ Foldable Octabox | 10″ x 36″ Foldable Stripbox

Photos by Amy Aiello:


About Amy Aiello
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Amy Aiello is an Emmy Award® – winning photographer, specializing in weddings, portraiture and fine art. Aiello’s background is heavily saturated with theatre, dance, and music. She thrives to make things larger than life and loves taking photographs of people, whether it be portraiture, weddings, concerts or just candids off the street.

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