HOW I GOT THE SHOT: Steven Koch’s First Impression of the Celestial

“After using the Celestial it’s clear that Paul C Buff has married the best of both worlds – a high-power fast recycle light with the lightweight and portability of a battery powered unit all in one. We didn’t have to plug in a single light during this shoot.”

Buff Ambassador Steven Koch joins us in the studio to test out the new Celestial flash unit for the first time!

Check out the full video above for an in depth look at the setups and final thoughts.

Steven started by using a Celestial with a 14″ x 60″ Foldable Stripbox to the model’s left, and placed a V-Flat to the right for some fill.

For his second setup, Steven was inspired by the leather jacket, and wanted to introduce a neo-Tokyo type look. To accomplish this neon light scheme, Steven used our magnetic Color Gel Domes to easily snap color onto the flash units.

“With the gel cap technology we were able to quickly switch our gel domes and play around with a myriad of colors in studio.”

He used a 32” x 40” Foldable Softbox as the key light, and a 10″ x 36″ Stripbox along with a 14″ x 60″ Foldable Stripbox as rim lights. He used teal, red, and blue gel domes respectively on the Celestial flash units. He turned the stripbox with the red gel sideways to additionally light the backdrop and create interest behind the model.

When talking about the Celestial, Koch said:

“I’m surprised by how well this light is keeping up. I’m running my [Sony] a7r4 on Full Burst Mode so I think it’s about 11 frames per second. I’m running [The Celestial] at just under full power and this thing is keeping up with every single pop that I throw at it.”

To learn more about the Celestial, check out our FAQ Video or website.

“I highly recommend this light and I can’t wait to see what else Paul Buff rolls out... This will be the new powerhouse in my studio.”

Check out Steven Koch’s work at his Instagram and Website.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team – and if you recreate any of these set-ups, be sure
to tag us on Instagram at @paulcbuffinc.

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