Lightning 100 'Writers Night' Portraits courtesy of Tausha Dickinson

Lightning 100’s ‘Writer’s night’ portrait pop-up

Nashville’s independent radio station, Lightning 100, hosts a monthly ‘Writer’s Night‘ at H.O.M.E., and we were excited to partner with photographer, and BUFF Ambassador, Tausha Dickinson, to provide free portraits to the participants at the February event.

Writer’s Night is an opportunity for songwriters across Nashville to showcase their talent, mingle with other creatives, and get to know the Lightning 100 staff. Attendees will also get an exclusive peek inside HOME (Helping Our Music Evolve), Nashville’s 24/7 creative incubator for musicians, producers, and entrepreneurs.

Dickinson had two lights on hand and varied her setup depending on what look she was wanting to create for each portrait. One setup consisted of (1) Einstein Flash Unit modified with a 51″ Soft Silver PLM Umbrella and the 51″ White Front Diffusion Fabric. Her second setup included (1) Einstein Flash Unit modified with the 24″ Silver Foldable Beauty Dish.

Below are some of our favorite portraits from the event:

Special thanks to singer/songwriter, Josephine Bruno, for assisting!

About Tausha Dickinson:
Dickinson is a portrait and advertising photographer based right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Her professionalism and kind-hearted demeanor may each session she has a huge success. Showcasing her talents across various genres of photography, Dickinson finds her passion in capturing moments that are impactful and creative. Connect with Tausha

About Lightning 100:
Lightning 100, owned by Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc., has called Nashville home for more than 30 years and is the city`s longest-running independently owned adult alternative radio station. Learn More

About H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Music Evolve):
H.O.M.E. is a non-profit place for Nashville musicians to connect, create and collaborate with the future of the music industry. H.O.M.E.’s mission is to provide a supportive community for artist development and music production. Learn More

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