De'Airra photographed by Dimitri Fevrier

Story Behind The Shot: Dimiri Fevrier

Beauty photographer, Dimitri Fevrier, shares his lighting set up from a recent editorial shoot titled Moon Light featured on A Beauty and Fashion Book.

For this shoot we used a 2 light setup. One light as a main light and one as a fill light.

I used a black background by savage universal (#20 Super Black). Choosing black was very intentional as it creates an illusion of space and gives depth to the image.

For my fill light I wanted a large light source that would give a distinctive shape in the eye of my subject. I chose the 64” Soft Silver PLM Umbrella. This large light modifier would give an amazing catchlight, but also the soft silver gives a beautiful look to all skin types. I used my favorite strobe the Einstein 640. The Einstein has precise increments of power adjustments that makes it a great choice for a fill light.

For my main light, I used the DigiBee DB800 with a regular 7″ Standard Reflector, to narrow the beam further I added a grid. To create the unique shape of light I made a makeshift snoot out of cinefoil. The Digibees LED modeling lamp is so bright that it helped me see exactly where the light would fall on my subject.

I primarily shoot beauty images, so skin texture is a must! For these images I shot around f/16 to get as much texture as possible. I had my fill light about 8 ft. away from the model and positioned it directly in front of her. The main light was positioned in multiple areas during the entire shoot to get different effects. The main light was about 2-3 ft. away from the model and set about 45 degrees. The position was either camera left, center, or camera right, with the distance being around the same for each image.

Dimitri Fevrier Lighting Diagram

I also used the new multiflex stand by savage universal which allowed me to get some really amazing angles and maneuver the light in the tiny studio space that these images were shot in.

MODEL: De’Airra | AGENCY: JEA Model Management
HMUA: Gellisa Fevrier

About Dimitri Fevrier

Mississippi based beauty photographer, Dimitri Fevrier
Dimitri Fevrier is a published beauty photographer based in Mississippi.


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