Woodworker and photographer Luis Gonzalez photographing his sculpture with his iphone at Fort Houston in Nashville photographed by Taylor Smith


We had the opportunity to visit Fort Houston, a Nashville small business incubator for artists, and document the process of creating a piece and photographing it for their social media. Go behind-the-scenes from the shoot in the video below and learn more about the versatility of the DigiBee.

“Working in a mixed use space like Fort Houston, the photography knowledge of our makers ranges from less than novice to full fledge professional,” states photographer Taylor Smith. “Having equipment that caters to all skill levels is essential to providing our patrons with the opportunity to document their process and their work. The versatility of the DigiBee has been essential to not only those who rent out our photo studio but for the makers themselves! Camera phones and social media have become such a huge asset to craftsman and artisans in the digital world we live in. Being able to utilize the super bright modeling lamp on the DigiBee, allows for even our most novice makers take well lit photos of their work. Almost everyone has a camera on their phone that is just as good, if not better, than a point-and-shoot digital camera. With projects leaving the facility as soon as they are finished, makers are looking to document their work quickly and effortlessly. Having a photo studio on location makes it easy to photograph pieces before they are delivered to the client. Makers are able to create their own setups in the studio, or take the lights out into the shop areas, to create their own unique look and style to their product photography.”

“I’m a street photographer and a woodworker,” says Luiz Gonzalez. “Until this shoot, I was not familiar with any kind of lighting and I was so excited for how easy it was to use just the LED modeling light of the DigiBee to produce an artistically lit product shot directly from my phone. Being able to photograph a piece and post directly from my phone to social media, before it goes to the client, is so important to build awareness of my art.”


DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit86″ White PLM™ Umbrella10″ x 36″ Foldable Stripbox

Fort Houston is a creative small business incubator for artists to facilitate, grow, learn and work. Occupying 10,000 square feet in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville, TN, Fort Houston houses a full-scale woodshop, metalshop, miscellaneous work / desk space, and a photo studio equipped with all Paul C. Buff, Inc. gear. Classes on studio lighting, woodworking, and more, are available  to both members and non-members alike.

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