website screenshot of new Paul C. Buff, Inc. site

Paul C. Buff, Inc. Launches New Website

Paul C. Buff, Inc. announces the launch of their new website and online store. The website was a highly-anticipated project that will provide users with a clean, uncluttered design incorporating improved functionality and enhanced content.

“This new site has been long overdue,” said Anthony Romano, Marketing and Communications Manager at Paul C. Buff, Inc. “We are excited to provide our customers with an easier way to shop our products and provide them with streamlined information to assist them in making the best decision for their lighting equipment needs. We feel that the new website will complement the attention and care that our customer service team is known for.”

Visitors to the site will find that it effectively showcases a fresh look for the company with its mobile-responsiveness and easy-to-navigate design. In addition to improved design features, Paul C. Buff, Inc. has invested in providing additional educational resources on the site that will continue to develop over time.

“A great new addition to the site that we are very proud of is the ability to feature the images that our customers create,” states Kimberly Nail, Marketing and Still/Motion Photographer at Paul C. Buff, Inc. “We know how much work goes into what they create and are happy to now have the opportunity to share the art they create with our products.”

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